You Are NOT The Father…

“Hey! Do you want a golden baby-head paper weight?”

“Yes, please! I love goooooooold!”

The ladies of The Kraft ventured into a less traditional craft project this past meeting. Our craft came from The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano.Our chosen craft focused on the beheading of dolls, as well as the painting and general tagging of the  doll’s heads to create paperweights.

First, the lovely Lindsay beheaded our baby dolls–which apparently wasn’t an easy task.

When we met up to craft, we had all of our materials thanks to that gal!

And some that were a touch unsettling…

This craft was quite easy to execute. First, you mix the plaster of paris,

pour it into your baby head,  (OOPS Baby had an accident!)

And the paperweight is already half-way done! 

After filling the heads, put them to the side to harden. Now, these baby heads really heat up due to some sort of reaction that takes place when the plaster dries…make sure they are fully hardened and cooled because things will get really creepy if you don’t–as you will see.

So, once the heads dry, spray paint them black.Again, make sure that your baby head cools down or else it will look diseased and things will get real unpleasant!After the black spray paint dries, sprinkle your baby head with water, then spray paint it gold to make it look antique. Once it dries, you’re done!

Ours didn’t turn out exactly how the book said they would, but they were gold and wonderful (just don’t look them directly in their solid gold eyes)! Overall, another success and another really great time crafting and spray paining. Here are some spray paint outtakes:

Baby Mowhawk

Gold Wheel! 

We are so crafty, we even did some home porch and stool improvement…don’t be jealous. It’s a gift. Until next time…

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On The Hunt For the Gift She’ll Love?

This time of year everyone is searching high and low for the gift that will warm mama or grandmama’s heart. Well, we members of The Kraft found it!

What mum wouldn’t love a handcrafted, heart-filled paper craft? We gained out inspiration from Martha, but love and creativity trumped her “real simple” clean templates. With brand new water colors, and delicious sweet potato salad in our tums, we went to town for the matriarchs who bore us.

Some of us faced challenges…

…but, again, the power of sisterhood brought those who struggled back from the brink of disaster.
In the end, we had a collection of love in paper form.

Oh Wait! Did I forget to say that ladies aren’t the only people in The Kraft? Yes, real men do craft and here is the evidence to prove it:

So gentlemen, take the rocket from Mars to Venus and show your love for mothers everywhere!!

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Starting Small…

Chevron Pattern

Everyone knows that good thinks come in small packages…unless you’re cross stitching!! The ambitious ladies of the Kraft Klub decided to cross stitch their spirit animals as the the inaugural project

…with expert level microscopic materials!

Chevron Duck!

Gorgeous precision!

Is it a turd?

No! It's my monkey's tail!

Though one might say we were foolhardy, the following BRILLIANT ideas were born from this project:

1) Mini cross stitches in lockets

2) Mini wall art for mini Coralines

3) Mini Philip Treacy hats for mini Kate Middletons (I just had this idea born from the article that Francesca posted on Facebook)

4) If you’re feeling depressed there are more people out there that could be potentially feeling more depressed for a prolonged period of time

The last idea was a bit off topic, but also a really valuable lesson learned during out time together.

There will be more to come ! Stay tuned for completed projects as well as new fabulous projects (i.e., our faces as ceramic lawn decorations)

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